Sunday, January 11, 2009

About Technophilia: Film Treatment

This short film is about a young couple in the middle of a relationship crisis. Inside a hang-out place, the techie boyfriend is preoccupied by his Nintendo DS (just like the rest of the people engrossed with their own gadgets - laptops, mobile phones, iPods, mp3 players, PSPs, etc.); while the bored girlfriend seeks some attention from the game addict guy.

The look exudes some coldness and superficiality. The characters are boxed up by the technology and lifestyle that try to cover up their deeper emotions through the gadgets and entertainment devices they utilize.

Knowing that the film requires a techie physicality, the look of the film is very stylized - and in support to this is the sound design and musical score utilized very distinctively and in line with the film’s stylized concept about technology and gadgets. The shots generally exude linear movements. In the same way, the mise-en-scenĂ© is filled with straight lines, no much curves and waves. The colors are in the neutrals – whites, silvers, blacks, grays.

There is a tinge of quirkiness in the film – reflecting the techno, geeky, droll, and zany aspects that technology can bring. The robotic treatment renders a gadget factory feel. These are shown in the somehow exaggerated and considerably outlandish computer scenes of the couple and the robotic movements as seen on a number of shots.

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